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The idea of the project came to my mind since I found myself multiple times in situations where I had something important to tell to my family or close friends. I walked around for days trying to find correct words and gather courage. I planned every single word and prepared for all possible responses. Everything looked good but each time I faced the person things just did not go right. I was worried so much that I just lost it. I mumbled something stupid, something very different from what I was planning to say or just panicked and kept silent, changed the topic and tried to “run away”. Even when the words came out, I found myself wondering if what I said is really what been heard, but I did not have courage to go for another round. 

    I’ve been also on the other side. Sometimes, I notice that there is something in the air, something that my friends want me to know but they just don’t tell. I start guessing and prepared myself for the worst in hopes that there is no murder committed (non so far). Most of the times the things they try to tell is something I kind of already knew or of less importance than what they thought. On the other hand, when news is really upsetting and out of the blue, the words can make or break relationships, create “walls”. I wish that there was some sort of help or solution, something that can help to bridge this gap. This is became a starting point for the project. 

    Something To Tell is a platform that provides accessible resources to help both sides to bridge the communication gap in fair and soft maner. It allows you to prepare and package your message while remaining personal. In times when the message is sour, it gives something little sweet, otherwise its just a topping for something nice.


*Please note that there are times when your message is very sensitive and can be taken in unexpected ways, then we want you to remember that Something To Tell is just a tool to help both sides to communicate and not to take quilt off your shoulders. Make sure that you are present then and deliver the card in person.

Be honest and good luck.

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